For Students - Postal Services (2023)

For Students

Located in the basement of the Russell House, the Russell House Retail & Passport Counter in the Russell House basement is your one-stop shop for stamps, shipping and passport services.The Blatt PE Center, located at 1300 Wheat St, will be where all letter mail and packages throughout the year will be picked up using your CarolinaCard.

Important information for Mail/Package Services:

-Go to

-Click ‘Log-in / Sign Up’

  • User name will be university email address

-Click ‘Sign Up’ and input your last name and email address.

-Go to your email to finish setting up your account

Now you can log into the site and there is a ‘My Items / Alerts’ tab. Simply clicking on that will show what you have sorted to you.

All students living inresidence halls located on the Columbia campus and the Greek Village are required to have a university Mail ID number. The Mail ID number is automatically assigned once a university housing room assignment has been completed.

Bates House Bates West Capstone Columbia Hall
Desaussure East Quad Green Quad Harper Elliott
820 Henderson Honors Residence Maxcy McBryde
McClintock Patterson Hall Pickney-Legare Preston Res. College
Rutledge Sims South Tower South Quad
Thornwell Wade Hampton Woodrow Greek Village

Mail and parcels shipped via the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and DHL are accepted at the Mail/package Pickup location for students assigned to a mail ID. All mail and packages must be properly addressed to your student mail ID to avoid being returned to the sender. Packages cannot be delivered to residence halls.

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Proper format for addressing student mail and packages:

Student's Full Name (first name,middle initial,last name)
USC Mail # __________ (assigned five-digit mail ID number)
1300 Wheat St
Columbia, SC 29225

*Do not use nicknames*

Term Mail Service Dates Mail ID Assignments

Fall 2022

August 15, 2022 - Dec 20, 2022 July 15, 2022

Spring 2023

Jan 3, 2022 - May 4, 2023 Dec 21, 2022

To view:

  1. Go to the Post Office Management System
  2. Login with your Network Username or VIP ID

**Mail ID numbers are being assigned beginning July 15, and should be posted by July 22**

University Housing and Greek Village residents are charged a nonrefundable, non-prorated mail and package service feeeach termfor mail, package services, forwarding and handling of mail for six months at the end of each term or upon cancellation of University Housing or Greek Village residence hall assignments.

Refunds/Removal of Mail Service Fees:

University Housing or the Office of Greek Life will refund or remove mail and package service fee charges from student accounts upon cancellation of residence hall contracts each term based strictlyonnon-enrollment or withdrawalfrom the university prior to the official start date of classes each term.

Mail and package service fee refunds or removals from student accounts will not be granted after the official start date of classes each term or for any prior term.

Inquiries regarding mail and package service fee refunds or removals should be directed to:

  • University Housing
  • Office of Greek Life

If you live off campus and you are enrolled in classes for at least one hour per term, you have the option to apply for mail and package services. The commuter mail servicefee is $35, and it is nonrefundable.

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Off-Campus Mail Service Rental Procedures:
  • Go
  • Click on “View Mail Assignment"
  • Sign in with network username or VIPID (if required), then the SecureCarolina authentication method
  • Click on “Sign up for an Off-Campus Mail Service Rental”
  • Complete and submit the “Off-Campus Mail Service Rental Application”
  • Upon successful submission, a message will appear with instructions to log in to Self Service Carolina to pay the $35 commuter mail IDfee.
    • Once you login toSelf Service Carolina:
    • Click on the "Account Information" tab
    • Find "Optional Fees"
    • Select the "Commuter Mail Service fee" option
  • You will receive your mail ID assignment by email within five business days after the fee has been posted to your account. If you do not, please contact Sarah Kelly

Please note: This option is not available to off campus students, faculty, staff, or affiliates employed by the University of South Carolina. State law restricts the use of University resources to provide or deliver personal mail and packages to employees or departments.

All mail and parcels will be signed for by university Postal Services upon arrival at the university and entered into our internal parcel tracking system. Students assigned a mail ID number will have a notification delivered to their university email fromuscpackagepickup@sclintra.comwhen any letter mail and any parcels are ready for pickup at the Mail/package Pickup.

If you are expecting a piece of mail or a package but have not received an email notification, please check your junk mail folder.This situation can be corrected to receive future mail/package email notifications in your inbox by adding "" to your safe sender list.

To claim shipped items, you must present your Carolina Card to the Mail/package Pickup.

Forwarded for six months to your permanent address as shown

  • date cancelled or released from University Housing or Greek Village residence hall contract
  • last day of mail service each term

Update or cancel magazine subscriptions and notify your family members and any other correspondents prior to your forwarding expiration date (six months).

Students are encouraged to verify their permanent address tothe above.

These shippers do not forward shipments. Items will be returned to the sender.

Pleas contact UPS and FedEx directly to inquire about returned shipments:


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FedEx Express/Ground:1-800-463-3339

Go to to haveUSPS first-class mail and parcels forwarded to an international address.

(for mail forwarding to an address other than permanent address)

  • Go to
  • Click on “View Student Mail ID
  • Login if prompted
  • Click on “Update Forwarding Address”
  • Complete all information and submit

Note: Campus mail ID numbers are not considered permanent addresses for the purpose of forwarding mail.

  • Freight or oversize shipments which includes:
    • Beds(including loft beds)
    • Futons and mattresses
    • Large-screen TVs (exceeding 40 inches)
    • Microfridges
    • Microwaves
    • Mopeds/bikes, etc.
    • Refrigerators
    • Trunks
  • Perishable or refrigerated items(No refrigeration on site)
  • Hazardous materials
  • Medications requiring refrigeration.These items must beshipped to and picked up fromthe Center for Health and Well-Being, 1409 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29208.
  • Flower deliveries
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Walmart + deliveries not accepted. (Unsecured delivery method and full mailing address not on packages. Deliveries have been made using Walmart bags and left on campus unattended)

Mail and package services are provided directly to each respective location by Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL and should be addressed accordingly. See address information below.

Please note that mail and packages for the above locations will not be accepted during Fall 2022 Move-In at university Postal Service or the Mail/package Pickup.

Student Name

506 Huger St

Apt #_________(Apt number and letter required)

Columbia SC 29201

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  • All mail and packages are delivered to the office. (Delivery drivers are not allowed on the floors.)
  • Students will be notified when packages are waiting on them either in the mail ID or the package room.
  • Photo ID and signature required to pick up packages.


Student Name

650 Lincoln St.

Columbia, SC 29201

Student Package Pickup began accepting shipments for Fall 2022 on August 1, 2022.

Mail & package pickup for Fall 2022 Move-in will be at both the Blatt St. and Russell House Basement locations on August 14-15, 2022. Please follow the package email notification from USC Package Pickup to determine the right location during those two days.

After Move-in on Tuesday, Aug. 16, all mail & package pickup will be at the Blatt PE Center located at 1300 Wheat St., open weekdays 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

**Mail ID numbers are being assigned beginning July 15, and should be posted by July 22**

Package pickup was open through Dec 22, 2022. Any mail/packages not picked up will be held until students return to campus. Packages will not be returned/forwarded during the break.


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